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    NexGen Generators

    The NexGen 10/20/37.5/50 and 75kva three phase super silent Diesel Generators are...

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  • Lighting Accessoires
    Lighting Accessoires

    We offer a wide range of Barn Doors and Gobo’s to enhance the overall effect of your lighting.

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  • Lighting Stands.
    Lighting Stands

    We stock a range of stands suitable for supporting any of the lanterns and fittings we have available...

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  • Dimmers

    We stock a range of Dimmer packs for a variety of needs and applications, from small performances...

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  • Lighting Cable
    Lighting Cable

    Our range of control cabling for lighting is compatible with all of our dimmers and lighting...

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  • Lighting Desks
    Lighting Desks

    Our range of Lighting Desks are suitable for all types of performance and uses...

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  • Lighting Effects
    Lighting Effects

    Our range of Lighting Effects adds the finishing touch to your production or event.

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  • Led Fixtures
    LED Fixtures

    Our range of LED fixtures offer a variety of different lighting solutions.

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  • Moving Lights
    Moving Lights

    Our selection of industry standard moving lights help to add a professional edge to your...

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  • Conventional Lanterns
    Conventional Lanterns

    Our range of conventional lanterns offer a variety of different lighting solutions.

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XTREMEAV stock many well-known and industry standard lighting brands,including the GrandMA, Martin Mac and ROBE range of moving lights. We can supply you with everything you need including cables, control desks and accessories.

From a single flood light, a followspot or moving light to a full lighting system for your next performance or event, our hire department has a vast and expansive collection of Fresnel Lights, PC Lights, Profile Lights and Flood Lights.

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Hire, Install & sales
Hire, Sales, Service and Installation of a wide range of audio visual equipments