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  • Party Audio Speakers
    Party Audio Speakers

    Speaker rental available for medium and larger venues.

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  • Audio Speaker Package
    Audio Speaker Package

    We can deliver, setup, and sound check all equipment.

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  • Paudio 5
    Black Lecturn

    You can pick up and return your lecturn yourself or

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  • Paudio 4
    Shure Beta 52A Microphone

    Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic is a high-output,

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  • Paudio 3
    Shure SM57 Microphone

    The SM57 is a popular choice of musicians due

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  • Paudio 2
    Shure Beta 58A Microphone

    Shure BETA 58A Supercardioid Dynamic

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  • Paudio 1
    Shure SM58 Microphone

    It’s Frequency response tailored for vocals

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Hire, Install & sales
Hire, Sales, Service and Installation of a wide range of audio visual equipments